Robert Cox  - featured artist 2013 

Robert has supported our Art Festival from its beginning ; he is a passionate artist with a passionate following, stirred by the vibrancy and use of colour in his work which is immediately striking and much admired. His paintings are in private collections in the UK, the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and Dubai.


A self-taught artist, Robert takes his inspiration from nature and reflections on his life experiences. He loves his peaceful studio and that’s where he is found most of the time often working from morning until evening if he is fired by an idea or developing a creative impulse.


His primary medium is oils and acrylics but he likes to introduce other textures and vary techniques to produce the subtle and spacious compositions for which he is known.


In this exhibition, his splashdance and atmospheric styles express physicality and energy but have an emotion which prompts reflection and gives a spiritual quality to the pieces. We are sure that you will be fascinated to see this latest work.


Robert lives with his family in the north of England. He is the brother of Sara Cox the Radio 1 DJ and both he and Sara are generous supporters of charities.


In 2012 Robert was invited by Bury Hospice to design a Donor Wall situated in the large entrance to the new hospice. His remit was to create a large scale piece to embody the spirit of the compassionate approach of Bury Hospice care and harmonise this with the charitable donations and legacies so necessary to ensure this essential service for the people of Bury.


After much exploration and thought Robert settled on the concept of Spirit , depicting the six towns of Bury by six ribbons each individually coloured and intertwined. Attached to the wall art will be acrylic hearts to recognise donations and these will be placed artistically to blend with the dynamic flow of the ribbons. Robert says, ‘The six towns of Bury each have individuality but the people have the same aspirations, hopes and human spirit which drives them forward. The ribbons and plaques express a continuity of connection and love in people’s hearts.’


Robert has donated all his time and skill to the hospice for this project and everyone is delighted with it.


Robert is very pleased to have his current work on display at Bury Art Museum for this year’s Art Festival along with so many other contributors to the exhibition and he and all the artists wish everyone a happy and successful event.

The Golden One
Red and Gold
Purple and Gold
Golden Poppies
Light in the Dark

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In support of the Nurses at Bury Hospice

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