Phil Davis  - featured artist 2016 

There are very few avant-garde Quantity Surveyors.


When I ‘came out’ as an artist to do a fine art degree at Salford University my employers were relieved, they had always thought I was a bit odd, it explained a lot.


My degree experience was fantastic, especially the European exchange in Portugal and the scholarship residency at the Alhambra in Granada.


I joined the staff after my degree at Salford as a lowly technician, running the art history library, setting up an art shop for the students, doing life drawing classes and things that no one else thought or bothered about, it was great! Doing exactly what I wanted and being paid (a bit).


At the same time I helped set up Cow Lane studios in Salford eventually running it with 26 artists of amazing variety (herding rabbits comes to mind.


Also with the help of my wife Ros and friendly artists/students, I built a new narrow boat sailing to London from Manchester, when finished (rekindling my teenage sailing days on the Humber).


Eventually I decided I should give up running studios, university work, etc and do some art work, concentrating on what I knew best – boats, land/waterscapes and people.


I am now a member of the internationally acknowledged Neoartists group, exhibit and sell across the UK and continue to do what I really enjoy.

the letter on the stairs phil Davis
Phil Davis stockton heath boats final watercolour
Phil Davis merged watercol canal copy
Phil Davis maria and dog
Phil Davis hessle haven web format

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