Lee Crocker  - featured artist 2017 

I’ve always loved drawing from a very young age and I have a large collection of my sketchbooks that go as far back as the mid 1980’s. I studied Illustration at Bournemouth and Poole design college, where I met my wife and when when we  moved up to Manchester in the early 90’s I worked with an illustration agency, however mortgage and a son meant I ended up full time at Sainsbury’s for a while, then eleven years ago  I started working at Bury Art Museum where I was immediately inspired by the Victorian collection and the likes of Turner, George Clausen and Landseer. I have  learnt more from being amongst the gallery collection than I ever did at art college.

As far as my paintings are concerned,I love buildings around Bury and Manchester, in my sketchbooks I capture every thing from every day life such as  passing landscapes on car and train journeys, everyday people I know or just people on  the tram, anything that is in front of me like a wine glass, my three cats, my feet and even what’s on telly, my favourite quote is by artist Harold Gilman saying that he liked to ‘make the mundane memorable’.


My work is, instant, quick, clumsy at times but honest! I paint like I cook, just go with what you’ve got! As well as the events and workshops I do at Bury Art Museum I do freelance workshops with my sketchbooks, preaching drawing and hoping to inspire, no matter the age or experience.

Over five years ago I formed the Bury Collective with a good friend of mine. It’s a strong group of creatives from the Bury area that’s going from strength to strength and prides it’s self on quality exhibitions, collaborations, events and workshops.

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