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22nd May - 30th May 2020.
 open daily from 10am 
 (except Sun) 
artists - this in an OPEN exhibition.

Coronavirus - Fundraising for Bury Hospice

Sadly, the Art Festival 2020 has had to be postponed until 2021 due to the uncertain Coronavirus situation. However the care and support that the Hospice gives to patients and their loved ones is still needed and in order to do this our help is needed.

Festival stalwarts, Pat and Derek Fletcher and their friend Lynne Baird have decided to organise a “Hike & Bike” fundraiser for the Hospice to help make up some of the funds which would have been raised from the Art Festival.

Pat has been taking regular walking exercise helping to aid her recovery from serious heart surgery and has gone from being able to walk 3 to 4 metres at a time to walking 3-5 km, whilst Derek has taken up cycling again. Over the next month Pat and her friend Lynne, will hike 100km in small 3-5km daily bursts and Derek will cycle 500km on alternate days of around 30-40km each.

If you would like to sponsor Pat, Derek and Lynne you are able to donate and to Gift Aid on the “Just Giving” website at 


If you would prefer you can donate by filling in the attached Sponsor form, and if you wish, the Gift Aid form together with your cheque.

Cheques to be made to: Bury Hospice (Art Festival), and returned with the forms to:Bury Art Festival 53 Ajax Drive Sunnybank Bury BL9 8EF

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In support of the Nurses at Bury Hospice

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